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The Strong Room- 10 Minutes

The Bank of New Zealand opened in September 1881 situated in a building further down Fergusson Street. In December 1891 the bank moved a building on to this site by horse and carriage which had previously been their Halcombe branch. The building was then replaced in 1907 and was later demolished in 1965 for the existing building which remained the BNZ bank until 2013 when it became The Strong Room bar and restaurant.

Upon demolition, many treasured historical items were found dating as far back as 1892. Of significance was a report about the building, stating that situated in the basement as a ‘strong-room’, for storing of records and vouchers, hence the new restaurant name-The Strong Room. Some of these documents can be seen in a display in the bathroom corridor of the restaurant.

The vaults are now used as private dining rooms for groups ranging from 10-28 people for a unique dining experience.

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