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We all know the value of getting out there and networking, but sometime's it's easier said than done. Meeting like-minded people isn't easy and if you're a bit of an introvert it can be really hard. 

Networking with us is easy. Come along and have a coffee, a chat, and be part of our round the table discussion. We promise to make you feel welcome and valued.


This is the pointy end of the stick. We don't focus overly on referrals, as many of our businesses are well established, but that means we're in a prime position to help your business get important referrals. 

For new businesses, we can mentor you and help your business get on its feet. For more established businesses, we can support you and get you away from your desk for an hour!


For many, this is the tricky bit of belonging to a networking group. 

This is really important for a number of reasons - you need to tell us what you do so we can refer business to you - and it will help you gain confidence at public speaking. 

It's only 60 seconds - or less if you prefer- and you can stay seated if you feel more comfortable like that. 

Remember -this group is all about you - and helping you and your business succeed. 


Each week we take turns to bring something useful to the group - it may be a business tip that you find helpful in your business - or it may be a business quote that's got you thinking about how you view your business or provide customer service. 

Again, this is a friendly discussion that gets the group thinking about different ways of perhaps doing business. 

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