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My Plumbing Depot - 10 Minutes

As you can imagine like many other industries the plumbing industry is continually evolving with new technologies and the coming and going of trends.

Over 2018 a few of the trends we saw were handle less vanities, the evolving coloured tapware ranges i.e. matt black and stainless steel. Alongside the tapware, options of coloured accessories became available like toilet roll holders, towel rails and robe hooks. Freestanding baths became increasingly popular and the back to wall bath was a game changer!

These trends have carried through to 2019, but many more have joined the list! There is now a huge movement towards more natural looking finishes.


Concrete has been a trend used in kitchens for the last few years and now it is moving to the bathroom. This concrete range includes a bath weighing 280kg and four different vessels. The colour range consists of 12 unique colours


As trends move more towards a natural look there is a wider variety of woodgrains available in bathroom furniture. Washed or blanched woodgrains, beachy tones, rich walnut colours and deep dark woodgrains – you name it, it’s available! Because of this it is vital to stick with the same brand or range when trying to match furniture, just because it has the same name doesn’t mean it’s the same colour!


A lot of customers want to see that their product is something a little bit different to everyone else, because of this a lot of bathroomware is becoming more custom. However too many options make it too hard to decide! Two tone blends are one way companies are offering more options. A two tone blend gives the customer the choice of a different colour on the front of the vanity than on the sides.

Another option is different benchtop finishes. Quite a few companies now offer stone tops as an upgrade. These can be paired with a vessel of your choice or in some cases an under mount bowl. There is a huge range of vessels available, it’s really about personal preferences and how you plan on using, for instance is it just for washing your hands in? or do you want to be able to wash your face in it? Although a lot of vanities are going handle less, there are still handles available for those who want them. As coloured tapware is evolving customers want to match their handles with this so we are seeing a wider colour range of handles coming through.

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