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Feilding Cactus Programme

CACTUS Feilding Youth Programme

What is CACTUS Feilding Police, Manawatu District Council’s Youth Focus Group and RNZAF Ohakea joined forces in late 2018, to initiate the first CACTUS programme for youth in the Manawatu District. This first programme was successfully run in Term 1 of 2019 with 32 students graduating.

CACTUS is an 8 week, 3 mornings per week, self-confidence and self-esteem adventure training programme for young people aged 14 -17 years old.

The CACTUS programme is designed to extend a young person's mind and physical capability, with a focus on teamwork, goal setting, leadership and discipline. It aims to instil discipline and self-esteem into young people, encouraging them to look and listen before they act and increasing their future opportunities.

Students are treated with respect at all times and given positive encouragement with discipline. They gain pride in who they are, what they have achieved and where they come from. The emphasis is on teamwork, respect, instilling self-discipline, raising self-esteem, listening, thinking, contributing, deciding, planning… before acting, education and motivation, offering choices and making decisions and leadership development.

Our second eight week CACTUS programme will be held in Term 3, 2019 starting Monday 29th July, with 35 students again selected from Feilding High School and Hato Paora College.

These students will train three mornings a week before school each Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6am till 8am. The training includes a well-organised, military style physical training session, followed by compulsory showering and breakfast. During breakfast, the students will be addressed by guest speakers and mentored by the CACTUS team.

These students will learn the benefits of punctuality, to listen, to obey, to act as part of a team and in doing so learn something about themselves and what standards the community expects of them as they progress through their teenage years.

The final day of the eight-week course is graduation day ‘The Longest Day’ on Saturday 21st September 2019, where the students are pushed through physical and psychological goals as an individual and as a team member. These activities will be held in a public space so that our community, sponsors and family members watch. This day concludes with a Graduation Dinner for all participating students, their families/care givers, sponsors, media and the CACTUS team.

Legal Entity Feilding Police are the lead agency for this programme, supported by the Manawatu District Council Youth Focus Group. RNZAF Ohakea will provide the lead instructors for the physical training sessions. These instructors have previous experience running CACTUS programmes in other communities around New Zealand.

A Community Trust between the Manawatu District Council and Feilding Police is being established to administer future CACTUS programmes.

Programme Dates The next Feilding CACTUS programme will start on Monday 29th July and run for 8 weeks, 3 mornings per week at 6am till 8am, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The ‘Longest Day’ and Graduation Dinner will be held on Saturday 21st September.

Sponsorship Needs

Budget To operate an 8 week CACTUS programme requires a budget of around $15,000. This is made up of cash donations, donated products and in kind services.

Breakfasts, Graduation Dinner & Snacks

CACTUS promotes healthy eating and healthy living as research indicates that nutrition can affect learning, behaviour and student achievement. As part of the programme’s discipline learnings, students will be required to sit together and share breakfast. This time will also be an opportunity for guest speakers and mentors to educate, motivate and provide career insights.

CACTUS Team Uniform

To build team cohesion and spirit, each student is provided with a team uniform. The shirt has the surname of the student on it. Each graduating student will receive a specially printed CACTUS hooded sweatshirt.

Can you and/or your business help us?

We are seeking support in the way of cash donations, food items and volunteers to provide the following components of our CACTUS 8 week course:

· Breakfasts (3 days per week x 8 weeks) – continental option (cereals, fruit, milk) and cooked option (eggs, bacon, baked beans/spaghetti), toast, spreads, fresh fruit, OJ and water

· Volunteers to assist with the 24 breakfasts (all supplies and venue provided) and for the Graduation Dinner

· Healthy snacks and drinks for ‘The Longest Day’

· Graduation Dinner and ceremony for 200 people – food items, volunteers, award prizes etc

· Uniforms for participating students & supporters

· Transport for students to and from schools to venues

All sponsors will be invited to join us for the Opening and the Graduation Ceremony.

Your support would very much be appreciated

Donations can be direct credited to CACTUS Feilding at Westpac 03-0626-0023132-000

For more information please contact either

Constable Allan Mclean – Feilding Police 06 323 6363

Mayor Helen Worboys – Manawatu District Council 027 230 6690

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