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Automotive Direct- 10 Minutes

Welcome to Automotive Direct's EV demonstration day here at Manfeild trust park circuit Chris Amon.

Sandra and I are very excited to be able to host Feilding Business Initiative’s 2nd April meeting here as Manfeild holds special memories for us as a young couple.

From the late 70's when I first took a lap of the circuit sitting in a caravan pulled by a GT Falcon ( at a modest speed) I knew I loved this place. Enjoying meetings together in the early 1980's- like the Castrol 6 hour motorbike endurance races or the first World super bike final I couldn't get enough of it.

While in business here in Feilding I spent many hours building myself a race car and raced Manfeild at every opportunity.

Then, when our son was old enough, Jaron wanted to be a drifter. So Sandra and I saw merit in him having a drift car to save him needing to demonstrate his lack of skill on the roads!

So again I set about building a over powered vehicle with too much steering lock so the next generation of our family can enjoy Manfeild’s uniqueness.

Today's demonstration and driving is for our group to learn the differences between the Hybrid and RV market as it currently is. We have here today a full electric vehicle, Hybrid and PHEV (plug in, Hybrid electric vehicle.

We hope you enjoyed your first EV experience and the new world of Electric vehicles and the curves of Manfeild.

Thank you so much from Sandra and Kester Olivecrona.

Electric vehicles are fuelled by electricity and are one of New Zealand’s most effective ways to slash greenhouse gas emissions.

For reference material on EV's check out the government's web page;

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