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Aerial View- 10 Minutes

My name is Jamie Churchouse I am 18 years of age and I'm the director of Aerial View.

My hobbies and interests include:

Building and programming electronics stuff, ive built my own RFID door locking system, I quite like putting together montages of videos, like the one you've just seen, I like Maths, Physics and Digital Technology, I cant wait to get out of school, and when I do, I intend to go to Massey to study engineering with mechatronics (thats basically robots), And theres one more thing, but ill get to that in a moment.

My parents love traveling, and in the past several years I've been to:

Germany Austria Italy Slovenia Croatia Bosnia Montenegro Albania Macedonia Bulgaria Romania Hungary Slovakia Poland French Polynesia And of course: Australia And New Zealand

I've got NCEA level one with excellence and achieved level two. I've got the first aid certification known as Clinical One. I've completed the bronze and silver Duke of Ed award, and I'm almost done with gold. I got my learners licence the day after I turned 16, restricted the first day I could book it in for, and I got my full licence at 17 and a half years old. I help operate the trains at the Esplanade Scenic Railway. I've got a forklift driving certificate. And of course, a Massey Aviation, Remotely Piloted Aircraft System certification.

Right, now, onto that thing I mentioned earlier: St John Youth.

I joined St John when I turned 11, so that's 7 years ago. Since then I have gained my Grand Priors award, 1000 community service hours award and I have achieved the rank of Cadet Leader. All of which are the highest in their respective categories.

I have also been heavily involved in the competitions. These are basically realistic scenarios of accident scenes and we get judged on how well we treat the patients. I've been competing for Feilding division for almost as long as I've been a member. We have received really high quality training, and a lot of it, as our achievements show. I have also been privileged to be a team leader for the past two years. I have also been privileged to be part of the Regional Youth Squad for the past two years, representing Central region at the national competitions, held in Nelson last year and Auckland this year.

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